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Let's turn our lemons into something beautiful.

We have sat bedside in the hospital with Noah, for over 5 months now. Somedays we are not sure what the next few hours, minutes, and sometimes seconds look like.. things change fast, and we are in survival mode.  HLHS, our biggest lemon we have ever been handed but, Noah, the sweetest. One day, I found a bead shop right near the hospital and I started making these in the hospital. It was a moment for me to take a break and create something. Something beautiful.  It has helped me "get through it", and to somehow, someway transform it into a positive. 

Each bracelet represents a lemon that's touched your life. A reminder that you can overcome anything. 

Thank you for supporting our mission, and for loving our brave little guy, Noah! - Kasie 

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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