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Updated: Nov 17, 2019

We hugged and kissed Noah off to the OR this morning. He has had a rough 24 hours with throwing up and very high heart rates into the 200s.


My mom flew into town last night so she and I stayed at the apartment to get some rest and came back to the hospital at around 5 this morning. Brandon stayed with Noah last night for some guy time!

Right before they wheeled him off.

We have received the sweetest messages, packages, and prayers.. we really can't thank you all enough. Noah is so strong and has so many praying for him, I just know he's going to surprise the doctors and not need a transplant after this!

Sweet care package from a heart momma that has guided Brandon and I through a lot of this journey!

She had people from all over the world show support and prayers for Noah, So Special.

We pray this is exactly what he needs, but this is not easy. There are so many unknowns right now.

We are unsure at how long the surgery will be until the surgeon looks at his heart and determines if he will be repairing the Tricuspid Valve again.

I will be posting all of our updates in this blog post about every 2 hours today to keep everyone in the loop, so just keep coming back here/refreshing the page for updates.

Update 8:50 AM: Noah is off to sleep without any problems

Update 10:17 AM: The surgery has just started and things are going well. Update 12:10 PM: The surgery has just started and he is successfully on bypass. At this point, they have decided not to repair the Tricuspid valve. This is a little discouraging because it means that the surgeon believes the severe leakage is actually being caused by his poor function, which isn’t repairable. So much unknown but we pray for a Miracle.

Update 2:30 PM: The removal of the shunt took longer than expected but everything is going well. They are anticipating about 3 more hours for the surgery.

Update 3:40 PM: He is successfully off of the cardiac bypass machine!! Update 4:00 PM: The surgeon is now closing the incision and placing the pacing wires, things are going well! Update 4:45 PM: SURGERY IS COMPLETE! We just met with the surgeon and things went well in the OR. Noah is headed to the ICU Heart Failure Floor. Since the Heart failure team/ Transplant will now be following him closely The next few weeks to determine if he needs to be listed yet! They will get him settled in and stable. We should be able to see him in the next hour or two!!! God is good Y’all, and y’all are good, we can‘t thank you enough for all the prayers.

Update 6:45 PM: Seeing our sweet baby

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A blessed day! Continuing to pray everyday for Noah and all of you.


Thinking of your family during this time. You have more people than you know praying for baby Noah EVERY SINGLE DAY. Keep fighting. ♥️


Brandon & Kasie - sending love and prayers from the Dell family. Thank you so much for sharing the updates with us; thinking of you and your beautiful Noah.


Janet Dellinger
Janet Dellinger
Nov 13, 2019

Praying Little Noah and you both stay strong he is the best hands and Everyone I know is adding more prayers for him!!!!


May God guide the surgeons, give Noah great strength, protect him with a good outcome, give his parents and family the strength to endure and Peace in knowing God’s will is perfect, and His love eternal. Amen!

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